Colorado Social Security Offices

This page provides a list of cities that have Colorado Social Security office locations. They can assist you with any questions or issues you might have with your social security benefits, or if you need to obtain a social security card.

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Visiting your Colorado Social Security Office

The social security administration region has 17 offices located throughout the state to serve you. The Colorado state offices are part of the larger Denver region network of social security offices that serves the states of Colorado, North Dakota, Montana, Utah, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Minnesota (Fergus Falls only).

You can use the list above to find the social security office that is most convenient to where you live. It can also be a wise decision to call ahead and make an appointment for the office you plan to visit.

Tips To Prepare for a visit to a Social Security Office

On any given day, your local social security office is a busy place. In addition to the many scheduled appointments that take place throughout the day, there are many walk-in visitors who need help applying for services and benefits.

The social security administration oversees some of the most important and vital benefits provided through the U.S. federal government, including social security retirement benefits, disability and supplemental security income benefits, Medicare cards, issuing new and replacement social security cards and so much more.

While it is now possible to apply for some of these benefits using the social security administrations online portal, My Social Security, in many cases an initial in-person visit is required as well. This can add up to lots of visitors walking through the doors of your local social security office each and every day!

To make the most of your visit and ensure you don't have to return again in person to deliver required documents, we have compiled this helpful list of tips so you can plan your visit.

Clear your calendar on the day you plan to visit.

Because it is hard to estimate in advance how many walk-in visitors may need help on any given day, it is best to plan your visit to your local social security office on a day when you don't have any other major commitments. You may need to wait even if you have a scheduled appointment because of the sheer volume of individuals staff need to help.

Always come prepared with all of the required documents.

When you arrive at your social security office, you can help expedite the processing of any applications or benefits forms by bringing all required documents with you. It is important to bring the right documents in the right format so you can begin receiving your services and benefits as quickly as possible. If you have questions about what documents are needed to apply for different services, you can find all the information you need on this website.

Arrive as early as you can before your scheduled appointment time.

Just as sometimes appointments will run late, sometimes appointments may finish up early. By arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the time you are scheduled to have an appointment, you can keep the line moving swiftly and help staff to better serve you.


When you need to visit a social security office in Colorado, you may discover you have lots of questions about how to prepare, when to come, what to do and more! This is totally normal - the social security administration handles a wide variety of benefits and services, and each one has their own application procedures, rules and regulations.

We hope these answers to some of our most frequently asked questions will be helpful to you as you plan your own visit.

I am under the age of 21. Can I apply for my own new social security card?

Yes - as a matter of fact, all minors that are age 12 and older must appear in person to apply for a new social security card.

How do I know which social security benefits I might be eligible to receive?

If you have access to the internet, the best way to discover which social security benefits you are eligible to apply for is to visit the social security website. You can use the handy online screening tool to input some basic information and learn more about your eligibility for benefits.

I need a letter that states I am/am not receiving social security benefits. How do I get this?

You can register for a free online My Social Security account. Once you have activated your account, you can log in and request the verification letter you need.

I have lost my social security card. What do I do to get another card?

You can use the online social security portal, My Social Security, to create your free account and request your replacement card.

I would like to start receiving my social security retirement benefits this year. What do I need to do?

When you have reached the age of 61 years and 9 months and you want your social security retirement benefits to start within the next four months, you can apply online.