San Diego Social Security Offices In California

This page provides a list of San Diego Social Security office locations in California. Select one of the office locations below to get the Social Security office hours, phone number and driving directions. They can help you with questions or issues with your retirement benefits and schedule an appointment, if required.

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Visiting your San Diego Social Security Office

There are three social security offices in the San Diego area. This gives you plenty of options to find an office that is convenient to your location. If you are not sure which office to visit, you can use the handy locator tool (above here) to check the address of each and map the shortest route.

If this is your first time visiting one of these social security offices in person, you may also want to call ahead or check the website to verify the open hours and days, since these can vary from one office to the next.

Tips To Prepare for a Visit to a Social Security Office

Unless you happen to work for the social security administration, visiting a regional branch office is usually not an everyday occurrence! In fact, many people have never visited any social security office before, which makes it hard to know what to expect.

These preparation tips can help you prepare for the smoothest and most productive visit.

When in doubt, over-prepare.

Preparation is really the key to making sure your in-person social security office experience is all that you need it to be. The documentation you are able to provide will greatly expedite your request for social security services. If necessary, this may mean starting your preparations several days or even a few weeks prior to the date you plan to visit your local social security office.

Arrive early.

If you plan to visit your local social security office without an appointment, plan to arrive first thing in the morning as the doors open for business. This can reduce your wait time. Even if you make an appointment, plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to give yourself plenty of time to find parking and get situated before your appointment.

Expect wait times.

As you will quickly learn, the social security office is one of the more popular government offices San Diego! Because the social security administration oversees so many valuable programs and services, and accessing those often requires an in-person visit at the beginning, you can expect your local office to be busy. You may need to wait for some time, even if you have made an appointment. So just to be on the safe side, it is always smart to bring something to do or read while you wait.

Fill out any paperwork available online beforehand.

The social security office may be your local hub, but the social security administration is the national hub. Much of the information you may need to complete to apply for desired services is available online. You can print and complete some of the required paperwork before you visit in person, this will help your visit go much quicker.


Why would I need to visit a local social security office?

Some common reasons people visit a local social security office in person include needing to apply for a new or replacement social security card, needing to apply for disability benefits, needing to update personal information, needing to register for Medicare and needing to apply for retirement benefits.

Why would I need to visit the social security administration website?

The national social security website is a hub providing so much information about each service the social security administration oversees, how it works, what to do to apply and what to expect after you submit your application. Visiting the website before you a social security office in San Diego can help you prepare for a great, productive experience. Of course all of the most important information you might need can more easily be found on this website.

How do I know what social security benefits I qualify to receive?

Great question! Different social security benefits are available depending on your age, residency status, citizenship status and work status, among other variables. The best way to find out which social security benefits you qualify to receive is to either call your local social security office or visit the social security administration website online.

How do I figure out how much social security income I might receive at retirement?

This is perhaps the most frequent question we get - people are trying to estimate their retirement benefits to see if they have saved enough. The social security website has a handy retirement estimator you can use to estimate your accrued benefits. You can also call or visit your local social security office for help estimating your retirement benefits.

When can I apply to receive Medicare coverage?

If you are healthy overall, you can qualify to start receiving Medicare coverage when you turn 65. You should apply for Medicare when you turn age 64 and 9 months, since it takes about three months to process your enrollment and generate your new Medicare card.

Can I apply for retirement benefits at the same time?

Yes, you can! As long as you are at least age 64 and 9 months, you can apply for retirement benefits and Medicare using the same online application.